It’s Justin Timberlake’s Birthday! Here Are 34 Of His Most Memorable, Questionable And Hilarious Hair Moments

He's literally tried everything.

Happy 34th Birthday, Justin Timberlake!

Justin has been in our lives for quite some time now (1998 to be exact) and over the years we've watched him steal our hearts in 'NSYNC, go solo, become a movie star, a husband and now a dad!

But his career and personal life aren't the only things that we've paid close attention to over the years, his hair has caught our attention as well. From the curls, to the ramen noodle phase to the clean shaven, Justin has tried it all.

So let’s celebrate JT's big b-day with a look at 34 of his best hair moments.

  1. Ramen Noodles. Never Forget.
  2. The Cornrows Phase. Can We Forget?
  3. Slick Back Straight Style
  4. Feeling the Fedora
  5. So Studious
  6. Sky High
  7. Working It In The Winter Hat
  8. Presidential Cut
  9. The Hovey Baby
  10. The "I'm Going to Be A Dad" Look
  11. Covering The Kiddie Curls
  12. A Puff Of Curls
  13. Sideburn Curls
  14. Like Out Of Control Curls
  15. Denim For Days
  16. Side Trim
  17. BeeGee's Vibes
  18. Clean Shave
  19. Reverse Ombre Attempt
  20. It's His Hair In A Box
  21. Long Hair Don't Care
  22. The Retro Wave
  23. The Hair Guru
  24. The Social Network Experiment
  25. Hoodie Hair
  26. The Hole In One
  27. The Swag Buzzcut
  28. Wax On
  29. Beanie Baby
  30. Fishnet For Your Head
  31. Mushroom Cap
  32. Half Hair, Half Hat
  33. Such An Egg Head
  34. He's Just Bangin'