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Celebs Play FMK At The Globes: 'F--k 'Em All'

Matt Bomer, you charmer.

There was one question on everyone's minds at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards last night (January 11), and it had nothing to do with what would take home the night's top prizes.

No, everyone was muttering three words on the red carpet before the show: F--k. Marry. Kill.

MTV News set out to find out once and for all who would do what, given the option of Birdman, Alan Turing and Stephen Hawking, three of the main characters from this year's biggest movies.

"That is the most atrocious -- has anyone played this game?" Jessica Chastain chastised.

Indeed, Chastainiac! In fact, Matt Bomer, who later picked up an award for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, said, "I'd f--k 'em all."

Check out the video above to find out who your favorite stars decided to put a ring on and who they'd off, including the celeb who said she'd "f--k Birdman, just for the story."