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YG And DJ Mustard Say Fights Between Friends In The Music Industry Are Normal

Nothing to see here, people.

It was difficult to ignore YG and DJ Mustard's recent disagreement, since they splashed it all over Instagram, but shortly afterwards the two West Coast artists told fans that they'd physically fought and made up.

And during a joint appearance on Sirius XM's "Sway in the Morning" show last week, they reiterated that things were all good between them now, joking that "we both hit hard."

"When you're in this music thing and you got friends involved in this, of course ya'll gonna have disagreements and that's gon be the outcome, we gon' fight each other," Mustard told Sway, adding that a dispute between good friends isn't permanent.

"Nine times outta 10, even if we fight each other, and somebody try to touch either one of us, we all fighting," he said.

YG wouldn't comment too much on the situation, only adding that they've both been dealing with their fair share of slander since finding fame.

When Mustard addressed their fight for the first time with MTV News last week, he chalked it up to details getting lost in the mix.

“It wasn’t a shot at YG; it was a shot at Def Jam,” Mustard said. “But, at the same time, it was a miscommunication, because it was already all done with.”

Hear his full explanation in the video below.