So...Have We Already Met The 'Eye Candy' Killer?

There are some potential Flirtual suspects, and one of them could be Lindy's stalker.

Dating in New York City is no walk in the park, but the next time you have to fork out half of your rent's value on dinner or wind up late to the ballet because of traffic, remember that it could be worse -- your second party could be a serial killer.

On tonight's "Eye Candy" premiere, Lindy Sampson, a young tech wiz who runs an online support group for the families of missing persons, found herself wishing for the typical bad date. Her roommate Sophia had created a dating profile for Lindy on the popular app Flirtual to help get Lindy back into the game, and between drinks with a haughty auto dealer and a few boring lawyer types, Lindy became convinced that one of her suitors was using the program to hunt down and kill city singles.

Upon cross-referencing Flirtual's user database with the NYPD's reports of its missing, Lindy found a connection that seemed completely suspect -- and so, with the help of her ex-boyfriend, a police officer named Ben, she set out to peel back the mask and find out who was behind the potential murders.

Somehow, though, the lunatic caught on to Lindy's plan and, after killing one of her test-dates to prove he wasn't messing around, he struck her where he knew it would hurt. While distracting Lindy with footage of Sophia, who Lindy was convinced was in danger, the killer set his sights on Ben. And with a quick cut across Ben's throat, Lindy's renewed love interest was gone.

"I had to kill Ben," the killer narrated as Lindy pored over her loss in a park. "You'll understand someday. Are you the one? The ideal?"

So, do you think Lindy's right, and is the killer in question someone she's already met via Flirtual? Or could it be someone who's pining after her from afar? Tell us what you thought about tonight's premiere episode, and be sure to catch the next "Eye Candy" Monday night at 10/9c!