Bella Thorne Heats Up The February Issue Of 'Cosmopolitan'

Is it warm yet? :(

Up-and-coming MTV Scream queen Bella Thorne is about to be everywhere, guys, which is pretty freakin' exciting. To celebrate the talented singer/actress' official takeover of Young Hollywood, Bella is looking beyond gorgeous in a cotton-candy-cute spread for Cosmopolitan’s February issue at the Pink Motel, which is clearly the spot for it-girl photoshoots these days (and a nice escape from this cold weather!).


While we're not sure if Bella is trying to channel Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with that pose, it's kind of hard to even notice thanks to the incredible matching bandana bandeau-skirt set she's wearing. I think John Wayne would be super proud of this look, TBH.


In a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, Bella revealed she has more issues than Cosmo when it comes to a certain beauty product.

“I don’t like wearing lipstick, or lip gloss. I just hate lip gloss because it gets stuck in your hair," she told the mag. "When you’re wearing lip gloss and it gets stuck in your hair and then you pull it, and it kinda sometimes rips your hair out. Legit rips your hair out. Like, your hair is stuck to your lips. That’s not a cute look, ever. Ever!”



If you're trying to copy her real-life look, however, the "Shake It Up" star said her personal style is a lot more laid back than the photo spread, citing "really ripped camo jeans, converse and a rock T-shirt" as her daily uniform.

Pardon me while I run home and change into that exact outfit, kthx.

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