Colin Douglas Gray

Miley Needs To Kick Into Her Alt Phase With These 6 Collaborators

From hip-hop to punk -- here's where we think Miley should go with her next record.

We're just going to come out and say it: Miley Cyrus, we kind of missed you in 2014 -- and continue to on the cusp of '15. You know, at least where new tunes are concerned. Hit us with your wrecking balls, Miley! Let us adore you! Don't stop! Come at us with some new music, Miley -- but make it different (as you've proved you're fully capable of doing)

We know you're hard at work on your new record -- and that you've said it might take you five(!) years to complete -- but we'd love to for you to take a break from making copious photo edits of dogs and pizza and check out some ideas we have for album collaborators next go-around. We think you'll be very interested in the direction we envision you going in come the release of record #5.

You see, BANGERZ was undoubtedly your hip-hop period -- let the dudes below usher you into the next stage of your musical maturation, one you're already meandering toward: the punk/alt phase.

  1. Kathleen Hanna

    Lips got flapping this past summer when, after Cyrus posted some snaps of the iconic Riot Grrrl on Instagram, Kathleen Hanna tweeted: "Hey @MileyCyrus so sweet you posted pics of me ... have an idea for an album that only you are daring enough to make."

    Nothing apparently came of the social-media flirtation, but we think this duo should hook for real on Miley's next album. Hanna could definitely lend some substance to Miley's IDGAF style.

  2. Billy Corgan

    The Smashing Pumpkins frontman recently revealed that he was offered a chance to work with Miley -- but turned it down. You see, he didn't want to just write a song and see if she snapped at it -- he wanted to write a song with Cyrus.

    "I would consider it [writing with her]. Because again, she is very talented, and it would be a cool thing to explore," he told a French radio station.

    Miley, I think you should have your people call Billy's people with a revamped offer -- even if it is just another 8-hour improvisation based on Herman Hesse's "Siddhartha." Your pets can hang out in the meantime.

  3. Ariel Pink

    He's worked on records with Charli XCX and Azealia Banks (and notably NOT Madonna) -- and professed his love for Ariana Grande. It's only a matter of time before Ariel Pink hooks up with Weirdo-In-Arms, Miley Cyrus. Besides, it seems like he's already a fan. Imagine all the glitter...

  4. Sky Ferreira

    Tourmate Sky and Miley are already buds (see Miley's recreation of Sky's album cover above) -- now, they just need to join forces. Imagine the wondrously amazing, bad-decision-fueled pop they could forge together. The world may not be ready.

  5. Alt-J

    Alt-J already sampled Miley's "4x4" in "Hunger of the Pine," the results of which are creepily beauteous. Now, imagine if these guys actually got in the studio together. ...

  6. Wayne Coyne

    It just goes without saying that Coyne should be present somewhere on Cyrus' next record -- what with all the time they've been spending together. At least we hope Beatles covers and creepy photo edits -- like the one above -- aren't the only fruits of this friendship.