Here's Why You're Going To Have To Wait For 'Transparent' Season 2

Amy Landecker tells us when more is on the way.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz.

Last night, "Transparent" made Golden Globes history in a couple of ways: First, by raising awareness for trans issues and the suicide of trans teen Leelah Alcorn, and second, by snagging the first ever wins for Amazon's streaming service.

MTV News caught up with one of the show's stars Amy Landecker on the carpet before the Globes, and she told us when we might be seeing more of the formerly closeted transgender Maura's (Jeffrey Tambor, who won Best Actor) trials and tribulations with her family

"We don't start [filming] until May," Landecker, who plays Maura's also-closeted LGBT daughter, said. "This moved so quickly in this platform. We shot our pilot a year ago, we got picked up to series, we shot it over the summer, it was released, and we got a Golden Globe nomination all within a year. So the writers actually have to breathe and write something. We're going to give them a couple of months to do that."

So, basically, you're going to have to wait -- but rest assured that more "Transparent" will be coming your way in 2015, and since it's on Amazon, it will hit you all at once.

And as for winning a Globe on a streaming service that also sells used books, cleaning supplies, and any electronic you could possibly dream of, Landecker says that the swag perks have so far been kept to a minimum.

"I am an Amazon Prime member, but I pay $100 for it," Landecker said. "That's what I'm going to ask [Amazon founder and CEO] Jeff [Bezos] for. I'm going to ask for the $100 back. I'm going to see if he'll take it out of his pocket."