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Katy Perry Wants To Cover The Stadium In Glitter For Her Super Bowl Performance

That's if she can stop 'weeping' over the news she's the halftime performer.

In three weeks, Katy Perry will take the halftime stage at the Super Bowl, bringing all her glittery magic to the University of Phoenix Stadium and, oh yeah, a football game will be played as well.

But let's talk more about Katy. What will she do? What will she wear? What will she sing?!

So many questions. The pop star sat down with Willie Geist from the "Today" show on Monday (Jan. 12), and admitted the thought of performing for 115 million people is a bit daunting.

"Can I be honest and say 'yes?' Can I be human and say yes?'" she responded when asked if she was nervous. "I will be nervous, but I'm going to recycle those nerves and make them adrenaline."

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That's if she can stop crying over the fact that she's actually the halftime performer, which has her following Bruno Mars who took the stage in 2014.

"I was weeping, and I was weeping all day actually [when I found out]. I could kind of well up right now," she said. "I feel like I've out-dreamt my dream. I came from nothing and I've created this world and I made it myself with my own strength."

Katy, who revealed that "guitar god" Lenny Kravitz will be her "first special guest," teased that she wanted to cover the stadium in glitter, which, while unlikely, would be pretty incredible. So what should you look out for? Pay close attention to the roof, the beginning and the end of the performance.

"I will just tell you that my entrances and my exits ..." she teased. "So excited about them."

Is it February 1 yet?