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Nick Jonas Plays F--k, Marry, Kill With Demi, Selena & Miley


Imagine being asked to play "F--k, Marry, Kill" on the radio, for all to hear. Now imagine being asked to play "F--k, Marry, Kill" on the radio, for all to hear -- and most of the choices are your exes. Now you can begin to understand how Nick Jonas must have felt during a recent interview on Capital FM. BEGIN.

Jonas was asked -- on the air -- to take part in a much more polite version of the old party game, "Lips, Wife, Leave." The results were no less awkward, however, as he was asked to choose between friend and collaborator Demi Lovato, and exes Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus.

"I'm in a pretty happy relationship. That's the disclaimer. With that being said, I can have some fun," Jonas said first off, referring to girlfriend Olivia Culpo, before tackling the most benign of the options. "Demi, obviously, wife, because we're like brother and sister and friends and I'd prefer to spend my life with her."

Then, things got cringe-worthy. "I dated both of them at some point in time, [which makes it] a little bit more uncomfortable," Jonas said of Gomez and Cyrus, before finally conceding, "I'd probably say Selena 'lips' and Miley... Although I've got love for Miley. She's great."

[Awkwardly shuffles away...]