Andrew Toth / Getty Images

Your Negative YouTube Comments Don't Bother Wiz Khalifa

Wiz can't stop smiling.

It takes a brave soul to venture into the depths of YouTube's comments section, especially if you're a star rap artist with millions and millions of views. Well, apparently Wiz Khalifa isn't afraid of the negativity that the Internet breeds.

The Blacc Hollywood MC sat with the folks at Noisey and combed through the YouTube c-section of his "We Dem Boyz" music video. Though Noisey edited the video there were plenty of comments both negative and positive, but Wiz took it all in stride, like the one that criticized his jump shot.

"It was a one-shot video, so in the other couple of practice ones I might've made it or I might not, but that shot was definitely a brick and I'll be the first one to admit that," he said. "I could hoop, but sometimes you miss a shot."

Then there was the fan who said that his farts were better than Wiz's Grammy-nominated single. "You obviously have some personal problems that you need to work out," Khalifa responded.