17 Golden Globes Reaction GIFs We'll Be Using All Year

For all the times your feelings are best expressed by Benedict Cumberbatch.

The Golden Globes might be over, but the priceless resultant GIFs of the audience as they laughed, cried, cheered, and photobombed their way through the evening will last us the rest of our lives -- or at least until 2016, when a whole new batch of 'em will crash the internet.

Below, we've rounded up the best emotional reaction shots from last night's awards, for all those times when you need a Hollywood professional to truly express the depth of your feelings.

  1. When your feels runneth over:
  2. When you guess your BFF's crush:
  3. When you didn't guess your BFF's crush:
  4. When someone asks for your honest opinion about something you kinda hate:
  5. When you volunteer as tribute:
  6. When your outfit is on point:
  7. When your OTP finally becomes canon:
  8. When you're watching your bae flirt with somebody else:
  9. When you need to show some spirit:
  10. When you... wait, what were you doing, again? Where are you? WHO are you?!
  11. When your BFF makes you say who you like:


  12. When someone compliments you and you can't even argue:
  13. When they won't stop complimenting you and you're getting uncomfortable:
  14. When you come back from the bathroom and your food is on the table:
  15. When you're not sure if someone is flirting with you:
  16. When your mom starts telling your embarrassing baby story and you've just gotta sit there and take it:
  17. When you're so done with this nonsense: