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14 Times Deena Cortese Made Us Laugh Our Asses Off

In honor of the street-dancing meatball's birthday, we're looking back at her most hilarious moments!

Deena Cortese might not have aspirations to headline a national comedy tour, but during her time on "Jersey Shore," she was the undisputed queen of laughs.

The proud meatball, who passed summers in Seaside Heights by dancing in the street and falling a whole lot, turns 28 today. And though she doesn't seem too happy about getting a little longer in the tooth, we'll take any chance we can get to celebrate the woman who once famously noted "this isn't rocket scientist."

Look back at some of our favorite cackle-inducing D moments of all time, and be sure to wish her the very happiest of birthdays!

    She sat in bird sh** and spilled "a wine."
    Snooki and Jionni were certainly more diligent about furniture covers after this incident. She planned out a day of Meatball Olympics.
    Every queen needs a fitting heiress... She catapulted into a beanbag.
    AND THEN SHE DID IT AGAIN! She fell... ...and it wasn't the last time. She fell, once more, into a hot tub. Hey, everyone has a "must-do" list for trips abroad. She fell a third time while sweeping. THIS IS WHY CHORES ARE FOR THE BIRDS! She assured her friend Sandra that aliens were coming.
    May sound crazy now, but when Deena's safely tucked away in a Mars resort, you'll have wished you heeded her warning. She seriously fell again.
    Deena's exercise-band mishap may be all the reason you need to avoid the gym. She peppered her pasta with hair extensions.
    Every Italian makes pasta his or her own way! She tried to squeeze a beanbag through a doorway.
    We learned as kids that the circle really will never fit in the square space. She considered skipping town during a thunderstorm.
    "YOU ALMOST GOT STRUCKEN!" She performed a cardio circuit while obliterated.
    Who needs Bikram or Crossfit when you can throw back a bottle of wine and target your core instead? She insisted Vinny was "her soul."
    The news that Vin was temporarily moving out didn't sit so well with the meatball. A couch ate her alive.