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Kylie Jenner Shares Bare-Faced Selfie On Instagram

You know it's a good Sunday when 'u haven't put ur face on yet.'

If you've ever wondered what makes a Sunday "good" in Kylie Jenner's book, it's taking your weave out, not putting your face on, and sharing a selfie on Instagram with 16.3 million people.

While Kylie typically shares photos of her out-of-control makeup skills—which Kim Kardashian can attest to—things got decidedly more natural this weekend. While a ~candid~ shot of Kylie sans makeup did surface about two months ago, this is the first minimal-makeup selfie she's shared in a while.

We're hesitant to deem this a 100% "no-makeup selfie" because we're preeeeetty sure we detect at least a bit of brow pencil or powder. (Though, it's possible she has nothing, and in which case, we take it back and are supremely jealous.) Here's hoping all of your Sundays were as weave-free as Kylie's.