Amber Portwood's Twitter

Amber Portwood And Daughter Leah Get Into A Hairy Situation: See The Photo

It's the latest in the 'Teen Mom' duo's collection of sweet selfies!

Amber Portwood and her gorgeous girl Leah are big fans of saying cheese for the camera: Whether they're acting "goofy," showing off their coordinated lipstick kisses, or sporting some quirky hat choices, the "Teen Mom" twosome always manage to capture their playful spirit during the quick snapshots.

The latest photographic proof of their selfie skills: The 24-year-old mama and her petite dancing queen got themselves into a bit of a (very cute) hairy situation:

Amber Portwood's Twitter

"Booboo hiding in my hair so cute...goodnight everyone sending love," the Indiana native lovingly captioned the Twitpic. Unconventional version of peekaboo alert!

In the heartwarming and unique pic, an ethereal L is surrounded by A's wavy, luxurious locks. The six-year-old looks serene as she closes her eyes in her mama's long strands while Amber lovingly plants a smooch on her "booboo." Keep the sweet snaps a comin', ladies!

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