The 17 Real Winners And Losers At The 2015 Golden Globes

Yes, "Boyhood" and "Birdman" were big winners at the Golden Globes this year. Sure, clap it up for "Fargo" and Froggatt on their much deserved victories. But we all know who the real winners (and losers) of the big night were... and if you don't, well, read on and find out:

  1. WINNER: Amy and Tina

    They're each other's BFF, and now, with three years of Golden Globes hosting under their belt, they're our BFF, too.

  2. LOSER: North Korea

    Not only did "The Interview" see the light of day, but Kim Jong-un became a running gag throughout the Globes. How's that for fireworks?

  3. WINNER: The Cumberbomb

    Benedict Cumberbatch photo-bombs in all of our photos from now through the end of time, plz and thx.

  4. LOSER: Bill Cosby

    Amy and Tina put the AWKWARD in the CEREMONY when they talked about the COSBY and the PILLS. Most cringeworthy Globes moment ever? Certainly up there.

  5. WINNER: Channing Tatum's Whistling Ways

    Whistle while you work it, Chan man.

  6. LOSER: Pervy Jeremy Renner

    Get it together, Hawkeye. Eyes on the wrong prize.

  7. WINNER: Oprah

    This is the face of a woman who is having an awesome evening.

  8. WINNER: Gina Rodriguez

    For her heartwarming acceptance speech, and for getting The CW its first-ever Golden Globe!

  9. LOSER: The CW

    Now, the tremendous pressure is on to keep the momentum alive in 2016. No pressure, "Arrow." No pressure at all.

  10. WINNER: Chrissy Teigen's Cry Face

    Forever and ever and ever and a day.

  11. WINNER: Emma Stone's Big Eyes Face

    What is even happening here?

  12. WINNER: All of the Faces, Really

    Mostly Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig's faces, though.

  13. WINNER: Butts!
    Getty Images

    As in, the unused alternate title for "The Affair," the Showtime Best TV Drama winner starring Baltimore detective Jimmy McNulty and Luther-loving sociopath Alice Morgan's rear ends.

  14. LOSERS: Prince Fans

    AKA, every single person in the building, since they could not hold their sh-t together when Prince stepped into the room. (And we'll count ourselves among the losers because his entrance really was tremendous.)

  15. LOSER: Matthew McConaughey

    Not for losing to Billy Bob Thornton, but for the beard. Do everyone a favor, Matt, and put that thing in a Lincoln and drive it far, far away from your face.

  16. WINNER: Jared Leto

    Not just for the touching Je Suis Charlie tribute, but for that beautiful braid. We'll forgive Joker for having long hair if Leto wants to keep that thing throughout shooting "Suicide Squad."

  17. LOSER: The Golden Globes For 2016 And Beyond

    Because the Fey-Poehler era is officially at an end. Womp womp. We'll always have the memories.