Fall Out Boy's 'Uma Thurman' Samples 'The Munsters' Theme Song, And It's Rad

Dance away.

Want references to "Pulp Fiction," '60s-era television and random Calvin Klein fragrances? I've got just the thing for you: Fall Out Boy's latest track, "Uma Thurman."

The song, released early Monday morning (Jan. 12), jumps right into the action, beginning with Patrick Stump's "I can move mountains, I can work a miracle, work a miracle." They then work in the theme song from "The Munsters," pumping up the track with voluminous brass and jittery piano chords. The "Pulp Fiction" part comes in at the chorus, when FOB references the iconic scene where Uma Thurman's straight-faced character dances like a maniac with John Travolta in a diner.

"Uma Thurman" will appear on American Beauty/ American Psycho, out January 20.