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Baby Talk With Speidi Is Just As Entertaining As You'd Think

See what Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag really think about having kids.

For those wishing for an abundance of mini-Speidis, your dreams just might come true (if Heidi Montag has anything to do with it).

Shortly before last week's premiere of "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" (Fridays at 9/8c on WEtv), Heidi and her husby Spencer Pratt made the media rounds to discuss their future spawn, which is interesting considering we haven't heard much about Speidi baby-makin' since the couple eloped back in 2008. Not so surprisingly, though, the baby chatter from the former "Hills" stars continuously got quirkier, and very Speidi-esque. For instance:

  • Heidi's 'baby clock' is ticking.
    OK! Magazine

    "Heidi thinks her baby clock is running out of time," Spencer recently told OK! magazine. Because everyone knows you should really panic when you hit the ripe, old age of 28. (Not.) Heidi added, "I want two or three children. [The Duggars] are so lucky!" 19 kids and counting, after all.

  • 'Speidi' would be a great name for a baby.
    Us Weekly

    "If we named our child 'Speidi,' it would be incredible," Spencer told Us Weekly. "It would be 'Speidi Pratt' legally." Heidi added, "We're definitely not naming the girl 'Speidi.'" So you're sayin' the boy has a chance?

  • Baby nurseries do not put Spencer 'in the mood.'

    When Spencer and Heidi were forced to sleep in a baby nursery while filming "Marriage Boot Camp," Spencer was in no position to make sexy time. "There was no mood there," he told SheKnows.com. "It was just a reminder to create one of these things [a baby] that you need diapers for. The only mood I was in was trying to ... quit the show." Now magic crystals, on the other hand...

  • Children... they're just like puppies!
    Splash News

    The duo definitely have differing views on their parenthood roles. “I think I’d be a very strict dad,” Spencer revealed to Hollywood Life. “They’re going to be home-schooled — it’s going to be like prison at the Pratt house.” While Heidi said, “He’s going to be the nice, fun dad, and I’m going to have to be the one to discipline. That’s how he is with our puppies!” Because children are just like puppies, obvi.

Find out what else Heidi and Spencer have to say about growing their family on "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" Fridays at 9/8c on WEtv!