4 Amazing Golden Globes Moments That Benedict Cumberbatch Should've Photobombed


One of the funniest bits from tonight's Golden Globes awards was the surprise appearance of a "military delegate from North Korea" (a.k.a. Margaret Cho dressed as Kim Jong-Un), who crashed the ceremony to score a photo with Meryl Streep.

But it was made even funnier by the part where, while they shot the photo, Benedict Cumberbatch shot up from behind them to photobomb the shot, as though propelled skyward on a jet of pure ecstatic delight.

The tragedy: Benedict, alas, couldn't personally launch himself into the air to mark every great Golden Globes moment. But since his flight was immortalized in GIF form no more than three seconds after it happened, we've taken the liberty of grabbing it to celebrate four other moments from the evening that really deserve to be Cumberbombed.

  1. When Amy Poehler and Tina Fey made that Cosby joke

    Benedict popping up like a human exclamation point behind the night's biggest zinger would have ratcheted up this moment from "burn" to "immolation."

  2. When Jared Leto revealed his braid

    If you think it can't get more magical than Jared's artfully woven tresses, picture this: as the camera pans to Jared Leto's backside, Benedict Cumberbatch leaps directly out of the braid and onto the Globes stage.

  3. When Gina Rodriguez won, and then won again for the best speech ever

    A little levity in the form of an airborne Cumberbatch might have stopped there from being quite so much dust in the room in the moments after Rodriguez delivered the night's most moving acceptance speech.

  4. When Matthew McConaughey shaved his beard

    Okay, so this one hasn't actually happened... yet. But the time will come when Matthew McConaughey's crazy facial scruff ends up on the business end of a razor, and when it does, we expect -- nay, demand! -- a selfie in which Benedict Cumberbatch is soaring through the air somewhere over McConaughey's head.