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OMG, Jared Leto Wore A Braid To The Golden Globes


When Jared Leto stepped on stage at the Golden Globes, we sighed a breath of relief and actually said, "Yes. A man bun, just as predicted." And then, um, camera angle shifted, and we realized—and gasped, seriously—that it was a braid. A perfect messy braid.


On Friday, we asked Jared Leto to wear his hair in a neat man bun to the awards show, but, wow, we never saw this braid coming, and well, we'll never look at his hair the same. Of course, our awe—and envy, TBH—was shared by people across Twitter, so we rounded up the best responses.

Turns out, this is not the first time Jared Leto has braided his luscious locks, so. Just let that resonate.


You're welcome!!!!!