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Emma Stone, Hero, Wears Pants To The Golden Globes

Who needs a gown when you can have pockets??

Emma Stone, in true girl-next-door form, wore what all of us imagine we would wear if we were going to the Golden Globes: something that looks glitzy and ~Hollywood~ but also has pockets!

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The jumper/romper/pantsuit/technicolor dreamcoat features a jazzy top half, bedazzled in the best way, pleated black slacks, and then an enormous black satin bow in the back. She paired with black stilettos and a gorgeous dark pink lip.

Oh and did I mention her hair? It's #flawless. It's like one of those hairstyles you see on TV or in a magazine and think, "I can do that!" and then your curling iron ends up in the garbage can. Utmost respect for her glam squad. She looks like a dream.