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23 Times Sam Smith Literally Could Not

You'll never literally can't like he can (can can).

Sam Smith has proven that he can do pretty much anything -- I mean, just look at what he's up to at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. Not only is he nominated for six awards, he's also scheduled to perform with one of his idols, Mary J. Blige.

Yet, as any loyal follower of Sam's Instagram handle can tell you, there are a select few times when the "Lay Me Down" singer can't do something. Like, he literally can't every now and then. Here are 23 of those times below.

  1. "I woke up like this"
  2. "Oysters are so over rated. FACT"
  3. "SHATTERED. Europe. What a tour. Thank you to all who came, I loved every second of it. But now I must sleep for a long time x"
  4. "Dying"
  5. "Tired face"
  6. "Hanging"
  7. "I woke up like this"
  8. "Laying in bed feeling sorry for myself today. Vocal rest sucks"
  9. "Really Hair? Really?"
  10. "Absolutely f--king insanely monumentally shattered. Where's the coffee AT?"
  11. "Gym face"
  12. "The morning after"
  13. "I’m struggling"
  14. "The struggle is REAL this morning"
  15. "MORNING"
  17. "I'm refusing to take my sunglasses off because I refuse to accept that my holiday is ending today #DIVATANTRUM"
  18. "Back on my favourite..."
  19. "Pissed on a plane"
  20. "See ya LA it's been AMAZING. Now back to London. I HATE FLYING"
  21. "I HATE FLYING!!!! GET ME OFF!!!! See you in 15 hours Australia xx"
  22. "GET ME OFF!!!!!!!!!! lol"
  23. "I f--king hate this"