Scans: Marilyn Manson, The Toasters, Dr. Octagon, The Ramones ...

Former Throwing Muse Kristin Hersh to release solo album.

Shock-rockers Marilyn Manson have just released a five-song EP

entitled Remix and Repent. The collection features a version of

"The Beautiful People" retitled "The Horrible People," remixed by

Danny Saber (Black Grape, House of Pain, Rolling Stones), a Dance Mix" of "The Tourniquet Prosthetic" by Sean Bevan, live versions of "Dried Up, Tied Up And Dead To The World" from a recent Utica, N.Y. show and "Antichrist Superstar" from Hartford, Conn., as well as an "Acoustic Requiem for Antichrist Superstar" version of the

Antichrist Superstar-closing track "Man That You Fear." ... The

fifth album from Louisville, Ky.'s Freakwater, Springtime (Jan. 20), features 12 new depression country tunes from the Midwest's modern version of the Carter Family. Joining the band this time around, on songs such as "Picture in My Mind," "Louisville Lip," "Twisted Wire," "One Big Union" and "Jesus Year," is ex-Wilco multi-instrumentalist Max Konrad Johnston...

Legendary ska band The Toasters have agreed to compose an

original 60-second jingle for a Coca-Cola television ad. The band joins

such luminaries as Matthew Sweet and They Might Be

Giants in the pantheon of groups finding new ways to utter the

musical catchphrase "always Coca-Cola"... Kristin Hersh will

release her first solo album since disbanding the Throwing Muses

earlier this year on Feb. 3. Strange Angels is the name of the 15-

track album of new material, featuring the songs "Home," "Cold Water

Coming," "Baseball Field" and "Rock Candy Brains"...

Look for a

recently-released compilation of B-sides and remixes from the trailblazing

New York hip-hop crew the Ultramagnetic MCs. The 14-track

album, which features the work of Keith Thornton (a.k.a.

Dr. Octagon/ Kool Keith) contains a track recorded live

at the group's one-off reunion in July of this year, plus remixes of "Ego

Trippin'," "Watch Me Now," "A Chorus Line 2000," "Message From the

Source" and "Mentally Mad" ...

All the original members of the Ramones -- Joey, Dee

Dee, Tommy and Johnny -- were joined by later

members Marky and CJ at an in-store signing in New

York last Tuesday night. Seated at a table in the center of the Broadway

Tower Records, the band spent 2 1/2 hours signing their new CD/video

compilation, We're Outta Here!/The Last Ramones Show: All

Access, as well as buttons, posters, flags and other rare Ramones

memorabilia. The package, which chronicles the band's last concert

together -- a 1996 performance at The Palace in Los Angeles -- features a

90-minute documentary with rare and never-before-seen footage of the

legendary punk band ...

Local H's Scott Lucas has officially joined fellow

Chicago rockers Triple Fast Action. Lucas will continue to

perform and record with Local H ... Original shock-rocker Alice

Cooper has branched out from guillotines and snakes to burgers and

cheese fries with the announcement of his intention to open "Alice

Cooper'stown," a sports bar in downtown Phoenix, in May of 1998. The

theme restaurant will feature baseball and music memorabilia ... Black

Entertainment Television (BET) will host "Phat Jam '97" on Dec. 6, an all-

star hip-hop show featuring Foxy Brown, Method Man,

Redman, EPMD, LL Cool J, DJ Clue,

CRU and DMX. The rappers will perform for a group

of radio contest winners, with a two-hour edit of the show to be aired on

BET on Dec. 13 ...

Samarai Celestial, one of the drummers in the late, great Sun

Ra Arkestra, died on Sunday (Nov. 23) in Savannah, Ga. Celestial,

believed to be in his early 40s, had been suffering from respiratory and

heart problems. One of the youngest members of Ra's interplanetary

musical explorers, Celestial, who joined the group in the late '70s, also

played with the Cosmic Krewe, as well as jazzers Kidd

Jordan, Ellis Marsalis and Red Tyler ... The

London Suede will contribute a cover of "Poor Little Rich Girl" to

the next Red, Hot + Blue AIDS benefit album. The latest collection

of tracks benefiting AIDS awareness and service organizations will feature

a number of still-unannounced artists covering Noel Coward

compositions. The album, due in February, is being compiled by the

Pet Shop Boys's Neil Tennant.

Led Zeppelin, critical pariahs in their own time, have recently

joined the rarefied air accorded the Beatles, at least as far as sales

are concerned. Reuters reports that sales of the heavy-metal band's

albums have hit 63.8 million, notching them second only to the Fab Four as

the all-time top-selling artist according to the Recording Industry

Association of America (RIAA). Zeppelin has a way to go, however,

before they catch Paul McCartney and company -- 37 million

albums to be exact ... U2's Wednesday (Dec. 3) PopMart show

from Mexico City's Foro Sol Audodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Stadium

Mexico will be beamed live at 11 p.m. (EDT) in a rare simulcast on MTV

and Showtime. Both stations will air the first 45-minutes of the two-hour-

plus show, with Showtime broadcasting the remainder of the concert ...

Tuatara, the world music/jazz project featuring Peter

Buck (R.E.M.), Justin Harwood (Luna),

Skerik (Critters Buggin) and Barrett Martin

(Screaming Trees), are currently finishing work on their second

album in Seattle. The self-produced project is expected for release in mid-

1998 ... Electronica acts Squarepusher and Autechre

have recently been signed to Trent Reznor's Nothing label,

which will release their work in the U.S. ... Also set for release soon on

Nothing is the debut from former Judas Priest singer Rob

Halford. His new band, Two, which mixes the hard-rock

sound Halford is known for with a more electronic/industrial edge, will

release Voyeurs in February of 1998 ...

Finally, Stephane

Grappelli, the French jazz violinist who essentially introduced the

instrument to jazz circles with his landmark collaborations with jazz

guitarist Django Rheinhart, died Monday in Paris at age 89

following a hernia operation ... The Cure were joined by

David Bowie guitarist Reeves Gabrels on Sunday night

at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia. The guitarist, who plays on "Wrong

Number," the new track on the band's recent singles-compilation

Galore, sat in on four numbers, "Never Enough," "Cut," "Wrong

Number" and "Disintegration."

(ATN's Senior Writer Gil Kaufman compiled this report.)

[Tues., Dec. 2, 1997, 9 a.m. PDT]