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Gillian Jacobs Got Those 6 Seasons, Now What About A ‘Community’ Movie?

Show her the money.

The "six seasons and a movie" drum has been beating for oft-in-peril show "Community" for years now, and half of the equation has come true. While the sixth season of the show -- which was canceled from NBC at the end of its fifth season last year -- will soon air exclusively on Yahoo, there's still no word of a movie.

MTV News caught up with Gillian Jacobs, who plays Britta on the show, on the red carpet of the "Girls" season four premiere. (She guest stars on the HBO show this season.) Given the series' passionate fanbase, it seems not totally impossible that a movie would come to be. What would she like to see if a "Community" movie does happen?

In a word: money.

"We are a very broke television show, so I'd like to see us go on location," she said.

And that's not all: there might still be some paintball action in the show's future, hearkening back to fan-favorite episodes.

"I heard rumblings of that, but they don't really tell us as actors anything, so it could be planned and I don't know about it," she said. Find out the rest of what Jacobs told us in the video above!