Daughter Of Hot Mom At Center Of Prom Date Twitter Stunt Explains Herself

Chloe was just as surprised as anyone that a joke between friends became a social media firestorm.

Earlier today, we brought you the story of a teen who launched a Twitter campaign in order to get his friend's hot mom to go to prom with him. High school senior Anthony Pinnisi got his friend Chloe Albrite to agree that if he could amass 500,000 retweets, then Chloe's mother would be his prom date.

Tone, as his friends call him, got roughly 80,000 RTs in 24 hours, but then the school administration stepped in and made him take down the tweet. But we were dying to learn more about how this humble little wager became a social media firestorm, so we tracked down Chloe, a high school junior. She explained to us over email that this jokey scheme to pawn off her mom as a prom date on Twitter got much bigger than she or Anthony ever expected. Read on to see if her mother would've agreed to the terms had Tone reached the 500k goal.

MTV: The story seems to begin with the beach photo of you and your mom. Did you expect any sort of reaction like this when you posted it?

Chloe: I did not expect any reaction like that from the bikini picture. It was from this summer on a vacation we took and I'm close with my mom so I always post pictures of us together.

MTV: Did Anthony have a legit, longstanding crush on your mom?

Chloe: No this was not a longstanding crush. He does not have a crush on my mom, he did this all in fun and as a joke, not thinking he could get that many retweets.

MTV: Did you tell your mom about Anthony's Twitter campaign?

Chloe: I didn't tell my mom until after he posted it because I didn't think it would blow up like this. She didn't believe me at first, and then when it blew up she was pretty embarrassed. She's been married to my dad for 18 years and has three kids.

MTV: Would she have agreed to go to prom with him?

Chloe: She wouldn't have agreed to go to prom with him, married mothers don't go to prom with teenage boys. She was flattered though.

MTV: Do you think he would've hit 500k if school didn't shut it down?

Chloe: After seeing how fast he got to 80K, I for sure think he could've gotten to 500,000.

MTV: Are you actually mad at people for RTing it?

Chloe: I'm not mad at all for people retweeting it. I thought it was funny. I'm very sarcastic with Anthony all the time like that.

MTV: You retweeted someone who suggested that Anthony ask you to prom now. Would you go with him? Do you think this was his plan all along?

Chloe: No, this was not his way of getting me to go to prom with him, he always makes jokes with me so this was just another joke.