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7 Things 'Workaholics' Taught Us About Responsibility (Or Lack Thereof)

We've learned so much from the braj triumverate.

Over the years, we've had the privilege of following the adventures of Adam, Blake, and Ders. We've watched them valiantly try (and hilariously fail) at doing work, picking up girls, and acting like adults.

As Season 5 of "Workaholics" rapidly approaches, let's take a look at the invaluable life lessons our favorite hootenanny-loving friends have taught us:

  1. They've taught us the value of proper workplace attire.
  2. They've shown us how to correctly use office supplies.
  3. The guys showed us that mature, intellectual people understand that material items are part of our lives, but they don't make us whole.
  4. They've taught us that consuming alcohol is something to be done in moderation
  5. Blake reminded us that history is valuable and we must learn from it.
  6. They showed us that technology is to be respected.
  7. Finally, thankfully, they taught us the unspoken rule of fedoras.

We're looking forward to seeing you guys really soon.

Season 5 of "Workaholics" premieres January 14 on Comedy Central