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Can Girls Smell A Guy's Dry Spell On Him?

Desperation stinks. Maybe literally, according to science.

Guys, if your bottle of fancy aftershave has cobwebs on it and you’re wondering if your condoms can be considered vintage, then you know you’re in a dry spell. It’s as plain as the raw skin on your right hand. The question is, can ladies tell you've lost your mojo?

Tonight on the season premiere of "Guy Code" at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2, the cast is talking about dry spells -- and if you’re in the thick of one, you may suspect it's the very thing that’s keeping women away. Are you right? Let's examine the evidence...

  • Your pheromones reveal telling information about you
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    We may play video games and be addicted to our iPhones, but at the end of the day, we’re all animals. This is why both men and women respond to pheromones, which are airborne elements that may signal cues about everything from a person’s sexual orientation to what kind of mood they’re in.

    Scientists have long known that the deluge of information communicated by pheromones plays a major role in sexual attraction, and, if men can be repelled by the scent of a woman’s tears, it certainly seems plausible that women could be turned off when they get a whiff of loneliness.

  • Women are attracted to confidence

    If a dry spell does have a literal smell (likely some delightful cocktail of takeout food and dirty sheets), the more visible reality is that you've lost confidence in yourself and are thus projecting visual and conversational clues that you don’t believe in yourself.

    This is a recipe for continued celibacy, since confidence is a trait that women are majorly drawn to, according to University of British Columbia researchers who studied the scientific appeal of "bad boys," as if proof were necessary. (The good news is that women also appear to be attracted to brooding faces. Just stand up straight while you’re doing it.)

    Need a quick shortcut? Harvard Business School psychologist Amy Cuddy explains that it's possible to fake confidence by adopting a "power stance," which gives off the kind of self-assured vibe that will eventually help you earn some nookie.

  • You might have a “watching too much porn” stank on you
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    If you’re not getting any IRL, it’s understandable that you’re spending a lot of time on adult sites -- but this may be seriously jacking up your social skills.

    Some experts theorize that men are evolutionarily programmed to seek out as many potential mates as possible, and your brain interprets your porn benders as an onslaught of "mates." This may either lead to addiction or just mess with your face-to-face interactions with women.

    This has spawned a whole movement of guys who've done away with porn. These dudes, who refer to themselves as "Fapstronauts," report a wide range of positive results from decreased anxiety to better luck in the bedroom. In other words, putting away that mouse may help you get some tail.

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