MTV Movie Brawl 2015: Stan For Your Faves With These Amazing GIFs

Take control of the vote with these moving images. Movies, if you will.

You know which movie is your most anticipated of the year in the MTV Movie Brawl. You're going to vote for it non-stop, of course. But your vote, sorry to say, won't be enough. Only through strength in numbers, your fellow fans, can your movie reign supreme.

That's where the below images and GIFs come into play. For the first time ever, we're giving you, the fans, access to the characters and graphics we use to build out the MTV Movie Brawl so we can make it the most awesome movie competition in creation.

And that's what we want from you! Be creative! Get the word out! Make sure those other dirty movies don't stand a chance in, er, heck. And don't forget, you only have a short amount of time to get the word out tweeting using the hashtag #MTVMovieBrawl. Here's the full schedule, and then all the GIFs your heart desires!

January 12: Round 1: Fight!

January 15: Sweet Sixteen

January 20: Elite Eight

January 23: Final Four

January 27: Final Two

January 30: The Winner… Revealed!

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