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Dear Jared Leto, Please Wear Your Hair Like This To The Golden Globes

Hi Jared Leto,

How's it going? Are you excited for awards season? I know you weren't in any movies this year, but between making it easy for us to dress like you and flaunting your fanny pack everywhere, you were a busy guy!

I'll quit yammering, though, 'cause I'm sure you know how busy you were this year. I'll get down to it: we're here to talk about your hair, K? Last year we all drooled over your beautiful and perfect ombre, but we were talking and, well, this year we think you should wear your hair in a bun. Not like the messy man bun you had at the Golden Globes last year, but like this:

It's so sleek! So polished! So perfect to wear to present at the Globes! I'm not sure if you're planning on shaving or not, but I think a clean-shaven face would go just as well with this look as your beard—this ’do is very versatile. If you're worried about your bun loosening throughout the night, you could always secure it with a hair doughnut.

Anyway, I'll let you go, but if you wanna chat about possible hair options for the show, I'm around. Just comment on this post/letter and I'll be in touch.