Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Martin Are Back On, And These GIFs Explain It All

This is exactly what happened, probably.

If you haven't heard, never-confirmed but much-speculated-about supercouple Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are reportedly an item again, according to a report from People.

Rumors had been circulating that the two were dating again after they were spotted over the holidays having dinner together, and a "source close to the couple" has taken it a step further to explain that Lawrence and Martin "are still dating and have been dating," which makes it sound like maybe the rumors about a breakup were never that true to begin with.

And as always with these two, there's been no official statement from them or their reps, so we can only speculate about what might have happened to rekindle their romance... but we're thinking it went something like this.

For starters, they probably split back in October after having some kind of fight.

As soon as they weren't together, Chris probably realized that life without Jennifer was actually pretty gloomy.

Jennifer, on the other hand, would have needed a few weeks to cool off.

There might have been some discreet trash-talking.

But if there's one thing Chris knows how to do, it's apologize for a romance gone wrong.

He would have said all the right things, of course.

And maybe at first, Jennifer was just, like:

But after J-Law got some advice from her celebrity friends to at least give the guy a chance...

...Chris would have been all:

And Jennifer would have been like:

And Chris would have probably said:

And BAM, it was...

...ready for take two on their relationship!

Here's hoping these two crazy kids make it work. Although... well, we have heard whispers that Jennifer Lawrence is still holding a torch for her first great love.

Sorry, Chris.