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Dear White House, Joey Bada$$ Meant No Harm By Posting Malia Obama's Selfie

'Shoutout to Malia for supporting the ERA,' Joey tweeted.

Kim Kardashian's selfies might be worthy of coffee table books, but selfies of the president's daughter are not really meant for the public eye.

Pro Era fans rejoiced earlier this week, when Joey Bada$$ and his Brooklyn-based collective posted a photo of Malia Obama on their Instagram account, wearing their official merchandise -- but now the White House is reportedly investigating how the photo landed on the Internet.

This prompted Joey Bada$$ to comment via Twitter early Friday morning (Jan. 9). The Pro Era rapper apologized for any offense they might've caused, explaining that it certainly wasn't their intention.

So far, we only know that the Brooklyn rappers obtained the image from “a mutual friend of Malia and the pro era member."

Below, President Obama explains to MTV News how he feels about his daughters being on Facebook.