Bob Levey/Getty Images

Drake's Bedroom Is Every Hypebeast's Dream

Hoop it up!

It’s official: Drake has the best life ever.

One day after news broke that Drizzy would be headlining the Governor’s Ball and Coachella this year, he took to Instagram Thursday (January 8) to give his fans a glimpse of how he’s living.

And make no mistake about it, the OVO’s head owl lives like a king in his Los Angeles mansion.

In one of the photos, there is a luxurious bed, a regulation size basketball hoop and basketball in his bedroom, along with the accoutrements of every hypebeast’s wet dream: white cement Jordan IIIs, a Supreme rug and a Supreme duffel bag.

As great as the picture is, the caption is even better.

“Oh grow the f--k up would you? - Nobody ever,” he wrote.

In the second post, the Nothing Was The Same MC is waiting to rebound an unknown friend’s shot while wearing a hoody with the jersey number of DePaul’s star guard Brittany Hrynko, who he mentioned in the post.

“Putting shots up anywhere. @bhrynk,” he wrote.

Thanks for sharing, Drake. We couldn't wait until later.