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The Great Iggy Azalea Rap Debate Rages On

Laci Green of MTV 'Braless' weighs in on Iggy Azalea, Azaelia Banks and hip-hop's race debate.


"Should white people rap?"

That's the question that YouTube sex vlogger Laci Green poses at the top of this week's "Braless," MTV's new online show, which tackles everything from feminism to sex to hot-button pop culture topics. Quite frankly, a number of people have been asking the question after recent debates surrounding Iggy Azalea's success, cultural appropriation and her place in hip-hop started taking place with Azaelia Banks, in the media and rap circles. Kendrick Lamar was the most recent rapper to weigh-in.

The short answer is yes; and actually, the long answer is yes too! White people should rap, Latin people people should rap, Asian people should rap, everybody should rap... that is if you're ready and willing to uphold the virtues of hip-hop.

Now, technically anyone can rap, but spitting a rap verse doesn't necessarily make you hip-hop (See Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" verse). Like the great KRS-One once said on his '90s classic track "Hip Hop Vs. Rap," "Rap is something you do, hip-hop is something you live."


Still, if you're like Iggy and rapping while attempting to wave the hip-hop flag, then yes, there are certain cultural principals that you should follow. It's not like you'll get thrown in jail for not adhering to these principles, it's not illegal, you're likely to face a ton of backlash and be the subject of Laci Green's "Braless."