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Stop Everything: Austin Mahone Just Got The Best Haircut Ever

Our boy has become a man. :')

As any Mahomie knows, Austin Mahone’s hair is, well, kind of a big deal. When his locks aren't hiding under a beanie or snapback, he's been spotted sporting everything from heavy side-swept bangs to a messy, combed-back coif. But today, history was made, y'all. Austin got his best haircut yet.

Hair stylist Eduardo Bravo posted a pic of his latest creation on Twitter with the caption "new look by me," and, dang, we just can't stop staring at it. For this ’do, he went super short on the sides (DAT. FADE.) but added extra volume on top. TBH, this may be the most perfect pomp we've ever seen. Teach us your ways, Eduardo! Please give us a moment of silence to say goodbye to Austin Mahone: The Boy and welcome Austin Mahone: The Man into our lives.