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See How One Small Change To Marvel's 'Ant-Man' Trailer Makes A Huge Difference

Bring it on.

What did you think of Marvel's first "Ant-Man" trailer? Are you sold on the smallest superhero on the scene, or did you think the trailer was missing something?

Don't feel bad if you're not on board with size-changing hero Scott Lang's cause just yet. Several people have made it clear that the "Ant-Man" trailer simply wasn't for them, because it was too serious, or somewhat underwhelming, or any other number of reasons.

Patrick Willems is one such fan, viewing the "Ant-Man" trailer as "too generic and serious." And so, with one very small editing decision, he managed to change the entire tone:

That's Willems' version of the "Ant-Man" trailer, same as the official "Ant-Man" trailer, right up until around the 1:15 mark. That's when the new music kicks in, with steady drums pounding and electric guitar strings signaling a more upbeat tone, akin to "Guardians of the Galaxy." Title cards swarm in to let us know that director Peyton Reed and writer Adam McKay bring their fair share of comedy experience to the table, what with films like "Bring it On" and "Anchorman."

The music, title cards, and quick cuts of action-packed scenes from the final few moments of the actual trailer, swarm together to create an "Ant-Man" trailer that doesn't take itself quite as seriously as the official Marvel version. Whether or not you prefer Marvel's own take, or Willems' re-edit, is up to you. Either way, like the Ant-Man name, it's too late to change the "Ant-Man" trailer debut.

"Ant-Man" arrives on July 17.