Terry Richardson

We Pledge Allegiance To These Sexy New Nicki Minaj Photos

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Nicki Minaj's Rolling Stone cover might be sexy, but these new photos posted on photographer Terry Richardson's website are downright patriotic.

The first picture shows the Pinkprint MC wearing a tank top and rhinestone-studded baseball cap, both bearing the American flag. Standing next to her is the photographer, clad in his signature flannel.

“Me and Nicki at my studio,” Richardson wrote.

Photo #2 features the YMCMB rapper all by herself, pulling her too-short top downwards to cover her hourglass form. It’s hard to tell if she’s wearing any shorts or panties, but hey -- it’s fun to imagine either way.

The third picture finds the Queen of the Barbz holding down her tank with one hand and saluting with the other.

Oh, and if you hear Lenny Kravitz' "American Woman" in your head right now, don't fret. After all, she is wearing the stars and stripes.

God bless America!