The 9 Most Memorable Moments From The 2015 Peoples Choice Awards

From Iggy Azalea's Dax Shepard run-in to Matt Bomer's beauty.

The 2015 People's Choice Awards went off without a hitch -- relatively speaking. Co-hosts Allison Janney and Anna Faris did a brill (and quite comical) job of handling the stage together and promoting their new show, "Mom," without being overly promote-y about it. And there were also a few key cameos that made the night especially special.

Here are the 9 best -- er, most memorable moments from Wednesday night (January 7).

  1. Chris Pratt Calls In A Cameo

    Thanks to film roles in "The LEGO Movie" and "Guardians of the Galaxy," not to mention his full-time Andy Dwyer-ness on "Parks & Recreation," Chris Pratt is suddenly a

    supa-dupa-star in the flesh. But, it was his fatherly duties that drew him away from tonight's show -- despite the fact that his own IRL leading lady, Anna Faris, was the co-host and his 2014 blockbusters were up for some awards. Pratt didn't leave his wife completely high and dry, though, making a cameo at the top of the show at her request. Granted, he spent most of the time lauding his many accomplishments and all the scripts he's swamped with and what have you, but still. It was at least something.

  2. Kevin Hart Predicts the Future of Film

    Selfie stick cinema? Yeah, well, Kevin Hart thinks so. The "Wedding Ringer" star joined co-stars Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Josh Gad onstage to present an award and brought along his own three series camera set pointed directly at number one. And you know what? It's probably not that far off the mark for the future of film, if we're really being honest with ourselves.

  3. Iggy Cuts Deep

    This year's Favorite Hip-Hop Artist, Iggy Azalea, had a very weird run-in with her award presenter, Dax Shepard. Evidently, she'd just been on a "Parenthood" binge and thought he looked better in person than on TV. Or not. It wasn't entirely clear what she thought, actually. Either way ... ouch, Ig.

  4. Ellen Surrenders The Spotlight For A Sec

    Even though she'd later take home her 15th (that's ten plus five) PCA for hosting during the show, Ellen DeGeneres literally took a seat out of the way when her wife Portia de Rossi was posing for photogs on the red carpet. Her reason? She was "bored" (and also wanted to let her lady get a whole bunch of well-deserved attention). Ah, love.
    Note that she didn't miss the opportunity to plug her upcoming clothing line, ED, which launches in May. So, that too.

  5. Standing O For Betty White

    The unconquerable Betty White was an easy win for TV Icon, and the audience agreed with the people on this one. En masse. Literally the entire room stood for our Golden Girl as she gave an adorable speech that proves her quick wit hasn't diminished at all with age. "Oh my goodness. When Melissa McCarthy came up onstage, and she said she'd stay with us as long as you'd let her, well you've abused the privilege with me. I cannot, cannot possibly say thank you or could you imagine, the People's Choice, at 93? I mean -- oh, thank you with all my heart. Thank you."

  6. Adam Sandler Wants More Than Just A Trophy

    Adam Sandler thanked his wife and told her he loved her and added, "I hope that you love me and that tonight you show that." So. Um. That was pretty awkward. (Also strange? He tweeted congratulations to himself in third person.)

  7. Matt Bomer was Beautiful.

    Yup. That about sums it up.

  8. Batfleck Does Good Deeds

    When he puts away the cape, Ben Affleck likes to flit off to the Eastern Congo to support his Eastern Congo Initiative he create to "try to bring a little bit of kindness into the world."

    "There's no guarantee when you set out to change the world that you'll be in any way successful except that it's absolutely guaranteed you will change yourself. And that I have found to be true."

  9. Iron Man Saves The Day Robert Downey Jr. is definitely a man of the people, and he didn't let his loyal minions down tonight as he came to collect his prizes for Favorite Movie and Drama Actor.
    And as if his sheer presence for the event wasn't sweet enough, he went on to shout out his wife ("the missus") and his two babies, one of whom he paraphrased in telling his audience, "I want to eat you up, and you're never going anywhere. Thank you very kindly."