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Here's What We Learned About Taylor Swift's Armpits From The Subreddit Devoted To Them

It's gonna take us a minute to shake this one off.

From a surge of girls wearing red lipstick to "Blank Space" blasting in every car, bar, and gym, there is no doubt that we've all got a touch of T-Swift fever. What can we say? We're entranced by her deliciously catchy songs, her glamorous style, and...ummm...her armpits? Yes, armpits. An entire subreddit has been devoted to the leggy blonde's least enchanting parts, and we scoured through it, so you don't have to. Here's what we learned.

  • Taylor (gasp!) wears deodorant.
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  • Which, hopefully, is edible.
  • Her pits are as entrancing as her dancing.
  • ...So much so that they may induce bouts of delusion.
  • This 2006 photo is proof that Taylor has always had armpits!
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  • In fact, they may be older than time itself.
  • Even her pits are expressive.
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  • ...But they leave their fans nearly speechless.
  • Her pits are super deep.
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  • And you too could sink into Tay-Pit obsession, even if you come here as a joke.
  • Her pits are empowered.
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  • And they inspire her fans to pursue their own "musical aspirations."
  • These magical pits really make you think, man.
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  • They can even give your life purpose.