Justin Bieber Got Calvin Klein's Attention Through Instagram -- And His Beliebers

Justin's dreams came true!

It's been over 24 hours since we got our first glimpse of Justin Bieber as a Calvin Klein model and our eyes have still not adjusted to the perfection.

Seriously, how did this not happen sooner? Well, according to Justin, it's actually been a collaboration in the works long before he ever got the call to bare (almost) all.

"I've wanted to be involved with Calvin Klein for a while now," Bieber told Us Weekly. "Earlier this year, I put up a picture on Instagram of me in their boxer briefs with the #mycalvins tag, and people went crazy for it and it got their attention."

Maybe it was this one?

Or this one?

Let's not forget this one.

Justin, we thank you for doing that.

The pop star shot the campaign with Dutch model Lara Stone over the course of two-and-a-half days. If you recall, the two gave us a huge hint and a sneak peek of their steamy shoot during last year's Fashion Rocks event, where Justin stripped down to his Calvins. Unfortunately, his striptease was met with a flurry of boos from the audience.

"It was hard to keep things under wraps," Bieber further explained. "The Fashion Rocks presentation was definitely a clue, and I wasn't worried about the negative reaction from the crowd when it happened."

There are no negative reactions here after gazing at those pics and those abs, which Justin says he works hard for.

"I work out with my trainer, Patrick Nilsson, five days a week for about 45 minutes each," he said. "We do three days splits: back and triceps one day, chest and biceps on day two, shoulder and legs on day three, and abs every other day."

But it isn't all work and no play. Justin admits to giving himself a cheat day every now and then.

"I'm not a special diet, but I do try to watch what I eat," he said. "I do eat unhealthy sometimes -- I am a 20-year-old guy!”