Monkey Puzzle/RCA

Wait, Is Shia LaBeouf Naked In Sia's New Video?

Watch the teaser for 'Elastic Heart.'

A teaser for Sia's upcoming "Elastic Heart" video dropped on Tuesday (January 6), and it's pretty...revealing? What I'm trying to say is Shia LaBeouf looks straight-up naked in it.

Clocking in at just under 15 seconds, the clip manages to pack in Maddie Ziegler in her signature "Chandelier" get-up, a giant birdcage and the "Transformers" star wearing... I think he's wearing a beige-colored speedo? I'm just gonna go ahead and believe that he's wearing a beige-colored speedo.

Unlike Shia LaBeouf's pants, the full video for the 1000 Forms Of Fear track won't drop until Wednesday (January 7).