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Bobby Shmurda Is Still In Jail, But 'All About The Shmoney' On This New Track

Shmurda is still locked up despite false reports.

Bobby Shmurda has been locked in jail since December, but that hasn't stopped the Brooklyn rap rookie from dropping new tracks. On Tuesday (Jan. 6), Shmurda's GS9 running mate and co-defendant Rowdy Rebel released "She All About the Shmoney" with rap veteran Too $hort and Bobby.

The Jahlil Beats-produced track is a bass heavy number led by Rebel and incorporates portions of the southern rap staple "Drag Rap" (or "Triggaman" as it's commonly known). Together, Rowdy, Bobby and Short rap about tipping strippers as money machines ring off in the track's background.

Shmurda, born Ackquille Pollard, made news earlier today after it was reported that he was released from jail. Bobby, Rebel and over a dozen members of their GS9 were arrested on December 17, after police launched a lengthy investigation on the crew. Shmurda was charged with conspiracy, reckless endangerment, and gun possession and is being held with his bail set at $2 million.

On Monday, Instagram user realrelle posted a video of himself and Shmurda. In the video, Shmurda proclaimed "I'm back baby," but it appearers that the video was recorded some time before the arrest.

According to a Riker's Island rep, who spoke to HipHopDX, Shmurda is still being held in the New York City jail.