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Taylor Swift Got Lena Dunham A ‘Really Cute, Sentimental Gift’ For Christmas

Moth carcasses and all.

Is it possible to have a crush on a BFF-dom? If so, we feel that for the love between "Girls" star Lena Dunham and music superstar Taylor Swift.

The duo have been sharing the feminist love and dancing lols for months now, and we can't get enough.

We already know that Taylor gives amazing gifts, as evidenced by the video of her gifting fans that we've watched, oh, a bajillion times. At the red carpet for the season four premiere of "Girls" in New York Monday night, Dunham dished on what the popstress got her for the holidays this year.

"She got me a couple of really cute, sentimental items that speak to our friendship, framed photographs some other stuff," she said. "But she's an amazing present giver. She gave me a housewarming gift of a framed moth that died of natural causes, that's my favorite gift."