Marvel Studios

Look Closer, It's Your First Glance At Paul Rudd As Ant-Man

Careful, don't squash it.

Ahead of the premiere of the (human-sized) full-length teaser for Marvel's "Ant-Man" this evening, the comic book movie giant has released the very first poster for the movie.

Like the first teaser-tease before it, Marvel has gone ahead and really leaned into the whole ant theme with the poster. Look, it's teensy weensy Paul Rudd! The size of an ant! See what they did there?



Additionally, Entertainment Weekly has a blown-up version of the poster to serve as this week's cover. Ah, there's our boyfriend's Rudd's face!

Entertainment Weekly

Now that we've seen Rudd suited up, what do you think?

"Ant-Man" crawls into theaters July 17, 2015.