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MGK Takes You Back To Where It All Started In 'Till I Die' Video

C-L-E till he dies.

There are many ways to describe MGK's music: Energetic, deeply-personal, rapid-fire. But maybe no word better encapsulates it than "Cleveland." And his new track is Cleveland to the core.

"Till I Die" is the lead single to Machine Gun Kelly's upcoming sophomore album, and everything about the song and it's accompanying music video is focused on shining a light on that Midwest city.

"C-L-E till I die," he raps on the hook, "Everywhere I go I’m puttin’ on/ Puttin’ on, puttin’ on." For the rest of the song and the video, he does just that, taking us around the city and shouting out places in his hometown.

The raw energy and love from the city in the video is very cool -- but the best part may be the last couple minutes. There, we get behind-the-scenes footage of Kells across the city, along with captions detailing locations and places that helped shape his youth -- from where he had his first job, to his high school, to the spot where he first headlined a concert.

In November, the Bad Boy signee told MTV News that his new album is on the way this year.

“I have [made a lot of progress on the new album],” he said. “I would like to say it’s finished outside of just last minute desires.”

“The ball is in my court; I struggle from no label problems or anything like that. I got a good grip on the project, I just kind of wanted to draw it out, ’til I gave people something to be excited about, now we’re coming back with that movie, we had a great American leg of the tour, about to do Canada leg, and then we’ll probably start that album process right after that.”