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7 ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Questions We Need Answered Immediately

There is #NoEscApe from us, Marlene King.

“A” is back, bitches!

Tonight (January 6), “Pretty Little Liars” makes its anticipated return to TV with the Season 5B premiere (“Through a Glass, Darkly”) — and you can expect some major drAma, especially when Ali makes a surprise appearance at Mona’s funeral. (RIP Mona, you were too clever for this world.) But the major question is: will there be any answers?

Sure, we know “PLL” fans are used to having a zillion unanswered questions, but there’s been a serious lack of intel in recent episodes. While the Christmas episode did make shippers’ hearts flutter (sorry, Emison fans), it didn’t offer anything concrete. And with the most “disturbing” season finale ever looming, it’s about time Marlene King and co. gave the fans some answers. Here are a few we’d love to see resolved throughout the season.

  1. Does Ali have a twin?
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    Okay, so we’re not expecting MarMar to answer this one in the Season 5B premiere, but we do think this will be answered in the finale. In the Sara Shepard novels, Alison’s identical twin sister Courtney is introduced — and it explains a ton of the mysteries within the books. But for seasons the “PLL” Powers That Be promised fans that they wouldn’t be exploring the twin theory. That is, until they started trolling fans with clues that Ali might possibly, maybe kinda have a twin.

    The season two Halloween episode opened with Ali telling a creepy story about a murderous girl who killed her twin and then was sent to a mental institution — foretelling much? There’s also been more than a few flashbacks in which Mrs. DiLaurentis bought identical sets of clothing for Ali. Oh, and there’s another major hint in tonight’s Season 5B premiere when Ali remembers a terrible family vacation differently than Jason. If the writers aren’t giving Ali a twin, then we hope they quash this theory for good this season.

  2. Are Jason and Bethany twins?
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    Of course, if Ali isn’t the one with the twin, then it has to be Jason. And his twin might just be Bethany Young. How else would Mr. Hastings be linked to Mrs. DiLaurentis and her cover-up story at Radley? The Hastings and the DiLaurentises have been linked ever since Peter and Jessica’s affair, which resulted in the birth of Jason — and possibly, Bethany? To make things even more twisted, that would make Spencer and Melissa Bethany’s half sisters, which means Melissa buried her sister’s dead body. Yikes! Could this be the “disturbing” reveal in the finale?

  3. Who killed Mona?
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    According to Marlene King, this question will be at this season’s center. With Spencer presumably off the hook for Bethany Young’s murder, the Liars throw themselves into finding out who killed Mona — and they already have their lead suspect: Ali. Mona seemed certain that Ali was “A” just seconds before she was brutally murdered, but with known murderer CeCe back in Rosewood, we wonder if she had anything to do with it. After all, she’d do anything for Ali. Or could it have been someone else entirely? We hope the writers bring justice to Mona’s character and resolve her murder before the season’s end.

  4. Where’s Holden?
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    During her Reddit AMA this past summer, Marlene teased that Aria’s childhood friend — and martial arts enthusiast — Holden (Shane Coffey) would return to Rosewood. Fans haven’t seen Holden since the Season 3 episode “The Remains of ‘A’” when we discovered he had seen Emily at a party the night she was drugged. Then he conveniently fell off the face of the earth. Sigh. It’s possible MarMar got confused and that Holden is actually turning up in Season 5B. If so, we’d love to see the writers wrap up his storyline since he left on such a shady note. We’d love to say he’s too pretty to be evil, but “PLL” fans know that the pretty ones always have all the ugly secrets.

  5. Who killed Bethany Young?
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    We know this sounds like we’re asking too much, but we’d really like to find out once and for all who killed the girl found in Ali’s grave. We know Melissa buried her in a misguided attempt to help Spencer, but we’re still not sure who killed her. We do know, however, that Ali was in contact with Bethany at Radley, which leads us to think Ali had something to do with her demise. Was Ali jealous of Bethany? Is that why she killed her? Or was it Melissa who actually killed her and she lied to Spencer to cover her tracks? The possibilities seem endless. We just hope the one chosen makes sense because at this point, if it’s a rando, we might screAm.

  6. Are the Liars ever going to graduate?
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    “PLL” has never been a show grounded in reality, so we’ve been able to excuse it’s wonky timelime for the sake of storytelling. Given that they began their senior year at the beginning of Season 3, this means they have been seniors for nearly three seasons! To put this another way, it has only been eight weeks for the Liars since the Halloween train debacle in Season 3. For us, it’s been almost two years. That being said, we can’t do another season stuck in high school. It just doesn’t make sense. We know the Liars have been actively talking about colleges this season, so hopefully this leads to some sort of graduation celebrAtion by the end of the season.

  7. Who is “A”?
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    Marlene King has said the big “A” reveal will happen before the end of season six. And while that means the writers will probably be dragging the show’s central mystery out for another season, we have hopes that Season 5B will bring us closer to learning “A’s” identity than ever before. We already know that several characters will learn the Big Bad’s true identity this season, so there has to be some clues for us to speculate on, right? Right?!