This Girl Perfectly Snapped Back At The Guy Who Challenged A 'Lie' In Her Online Dating Profile

Safe to say that 'HorridOKCman' has no game.

These days, we pretty much assume that lots of people embellish their online dating profiles but, apparently, Natalie Guest isn’t one of those people.

“I can play the spoons, type at 120wpm and deliver a lamb. Studies suggest 9/10 men find these to be desirable traits in a partner,” reads the London writer's OkCupid bio. And while the profile was “very tongue-in-cheek," it's "also all true,” as she told BuzzFeed.

So when a potential suitor, who works as an 85-words-per-minute-stenographer, questioned the integrity of her typing skills, Guest decided to put up instead of shut up.

“I’m afraid that your claim of typing at 120 words per minute is highly dubious at best,” he wrote. “I mean ... what a weird thing to lie about on a dating profile. Age, height, job ... fine. Typing speed? That’s a new one for me.”

Guest, understandably far from flattered by the approach, responded, “To be fair, that was a very good day, and it’s more normally around the 100 mark. Do you get much romantic traction by randomly messaging women to call them liars?”

Her response should have been enough to shut down her naysayer, but he wouldn't relent, even challenging her to take a “legitimately proctored” test to prove her typing prowess.

Guest soon took the test and proved she’s nobody’s liar with the top-rated score listed on the site’s rankings.

“You’ll find me at the top of today’s English sentences leaderboard. My username is ‘horridOKCman’,” she wrote. "Have a nice life."

Game, set, match.