Watch Chris Evans Go All 'Hollywood Action Hero' In This 'Call Of Duty' Trailer

Captain America reporting for 'Call of Duty,' sir!

The concept of “Call of Duty Online” was already pretty badass, but the makers of the Chinese exclusive video game took things even further by featuring Captain America in its brand-new trailer.

There are no stars and stripes, though. Just Chris Evans, in full combat gear, stepping in to help the rest of the players escape suppression fire from a helicopter attack by blowing it up with a bazooka.

“You can thank me later,” he says to the team. “Let’s move!”

“Who does he think he is? Some kind of Hollywood action hero?” asks one of them.

Well, yes, he’s the ultimate Hollywood action hero. Unfortunately, he won’t be a playable character in the game, which will be released on January 11.

Check out the full cinematic quality commercial for yourself: