Jessa Solidifies Her 'Females Only' Status In This Exclusive Alternate 'Girls' Season 3 Opener

No one is safe.

We still have a few days of waiting until season four of "Girls" premieres on HBO this weekend, but fear not: you can get your fix of your favorite ladies before then.

The DVD and Blu-ray editions of the third season of "Girls" hit stores Tuesday, Jan. 6. Aching to teach yourself the epic beach house dance? Now you'll have the means to watch that legendary pantsless Hannah (Lena Dunham) episode as many times as it takes for you to nail the choreography.

Can't wait for tomorrow, you say? Well, fine. Here's an exclusive look at an alternate opening for season 3 of the hit show. As you'll recall, Jessa (Jemima Kirke) is in rehab, forced to rock a "Females only" sign around her neck as a consequence of her lascivious behavior. As it turns out, not even females are safe from her aggression.

No one is safe.

Check out the clip below, and look out for season three of "Girls," on sale tomorrow.