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Here's How To Become Beyonce In 2015

It's not that hard.

So, you want to be Beyoncé. You've come to the right place. Arriving here is the first step.

2015 is the year you will make things happen for yourself. You will become the person you want to be. You will become Beyoncé. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

Just bey-lieve.

  1. Be perfect

    To commit, you must first be perfect. Once you become perfect, go on to the next few steps.

  2. Be flawless

    Rid yourself of flaws. This could be obtained by simply "waking up like dis."

  3. Have a baby

    Nothing says Queen B more than birthing a human spawn. Think about it.

  4. Be born in Houston on September 4, 1981

    It sounds really easy, but it's actually hard, so keep trying.

  5. Make sure your parents are Matthew and Tina Knowles

    You parents might be sad to see you go, but once you become the progeny of the Knowles', they'll understand.

  6. Change your hair with your mood

    This step gives you the creativity that many other steps don't give you, but you have to be willing to change your look every two weeks.

  7. Sing without flaw

    Some say you need natural talent, others say you need singing lessons. I say, yeah, you need natural talent.

  8. Befriend Nicki Minaj

    In order to embrace your new self, you need some new folks to surround yourself with. Making friends with Nicki Minaj should be a snap.

  9. Marry Jay Z

    Have a boyfriend? Not anymore. You're Mrs. Carter now.

  10. Congrats! You made it. You should be Bey now.
    You FOOL. You can never become Beyoncé. Now leave.