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Lady Gaga's Nail, Niall Horan's Toast -- People Paid HOW Much For This Stuff?

7 celebrity auctions that made us go, 'Whaaaat?'

Indie rocker Mac DeMarco recently scored more than $20,000 for charity -- by auctioning off his dirty, smelly, decaying sneakers. Wait, what?

Yup, people are apparently willing to shell out the bucks for anything touched by their favorite musicians (btw, if anyone has anything ever touched by David Bowie -- uh, hit me on the DM), and the Salad Days singer's sneaks are just the latest piece of out-there music memorabilia to hit the auction block.

Check out six more smack-your-forehead items below:

  1. Mac DeMarco raised more than $20,000 for Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls by auctioning off his old, dirty sneakers on eBay. We hope he throws in a sock or two as a bonus for this sure-to-be satisfied customer.

  2. One Brit fan bid nearly $15,000 on the chair Spears straddled in her early '00s "Stronger" video -- before the whole thing was called off due to the inconvenient location of said fan. We're hoping that this item hits the auction block, again, however, as -- according to the official eBay description -- it's "the most coveted chair in the history of music videos." We guess that's a thing.

  3. OK, so this wasn't a mail-order bride situation or anything -- but it's still a pretty wild tale. The "You're Beautiful" singer once "sold" his sister on eBay because she wasn't able to get to a funeral in Ireland. The winning bidder had a helicopter and -- a few years later -- a new bride in the form of, you guessed it, Blunt's sis. Soooo we guess it was a mail-order bride sitch, after all. Hmmm.

  4. In 2011, Ellen put a lock of Justin Bieber's hair up on eBay, raising $40,668. That is all. Just let that sink in.

  5. In 2000, one fan paid more than $1,000 for some singed toast Timberlake left behind at a restaurant. We wonder if it appreciated in value over the years. Or just decayed.

  6. Speaking of celebs and bread (both of the monetary and yeasty variety), someone paid $100,000 for a piece of unfinished, Vegemite-slatered toast that the One Direction member neglected to finish masticating. One man's trash is... kinda still trash, but, OK.

  7. Before Gaga wrote "MANiCURE," a botched one netted one seller $12,000 when he or she sold one of Mother Monster's cast-off press-ons.