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You'll Never Guess Which Rapper Just Got Bangs

No, it's not Nicki Minaj. It's not Iggy Azalea. It's not even Azealia Banks (though, she *is* on-again in her perpetually on-and-off relationship with fringe). The rapper who has just joined The Bangs Club™ is actually Riff Raff!

Just before the new year, Jody Highroller decided he would take his look to a brand new level in 2015. Instead of the candy-colored and beaded cornrows we'd grown so accustom to, the Neon Icon ushered in a new era of straight, silky, dark blue hair and—wait for it—supple, blunt bangs like those of the first generation My American Girl Dolls.

And just in case you have doubts about Riff's trustworthiness and think it's a wig, here's a Vine he shot that clearly shows it all swaying directly from his scalp. Follow up: If you have questions about his hairline, refer to here.